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Landscaping on "The Islands" - Block Island, Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket

Feel confident in choosing a contractor that has experience in managing projects on the islands.

Why choose Hanley?

Discover Exceptional Landscaping Services in the Coastal Gems of Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, and Nantucket with Hanley Landscaping Services. Elevate your outdoor experience in these picturesque locations with our expert landscape design and construction services. At Hanley Landscaping, we bring a touch of natural beauty to every corner, whether you're on the serene shores of Martha's Vineyard, the rustic charm of Block Island, or the idyllic landscapes of Nantucket. As your trusted landscaping partner, we specialize in creating outdoor havens that reflect the unique essence of each island. Explore our tailored services designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of residential properties, estates, and hotels across Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, and Nantucket. Transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece that harmonizes with the coastal splendor of these extraordinary destinations.

Northern Lighthouse on Block Island, Rhode Island.jpg
  • What services do you provide on the islands?
    We offer comprehensive landscaping services in Martha's Vineyard, Block Island, and Nantucket, focusing on design and construction. While we don't provide routine maintenance or snow plowing, exceptions include properties we've designed, those on Block Island, and select hotels and estates.
  • Do you charge to come out?
    We're regularly on the islands, but if you need a meeting during our off-island time, a fee may apply to cover transportation and time. Give us a call, and we'll provide more details.

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