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A beautiful view a fresh irrigated corner of a garden landscape with lush green bushes and

Residential Maintenance Services:

Where Precision Meets Greenery: Unmatched Landscaping Maintenance.

At Hanley, we consider your landscape an extension of you. We proudly offer customized maintenance plans crafted to suit your unique needs with precision and care.


Fall & Winter

We provide the following services, one-time or in a comprehensive package :

Scheduled Lawn Mowing

Spring Cleanup

Spring Annual Installation

Proper mowing doesn't only give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass.

Every spring, we prepare your landscape for the summer with fresh mulch, trimming, and fertilizers.

Hanley provides spring cleanup and annual planting services. We will install annuals in window boxes, beds, and along walkways.


Regular Gardening
& Weeding

Regular Shrub
& Hedge Trimming

Mulch & Gravel


Our crews plant flowers, weed beds, provide weed preventer treatments, and complete hand trimming as needed.

It's tough to keep up with trimming. We trim your shrubs and hedges as needed to maintain their season long appearance. 

We stock multiple products of mulch, gravel, and other materials. Available for delivery.


Topdressing & Aeration

Plant Replacements

Lawn Treatments

Spreading fertilizer provides a lawn with the nutrients it is deprived of in order to better the overall health of the grass.

We take care of regular lawn maintenance, including aeration and topdressing.

When we notice plants at the end of their lifespan, we automatically replace them, like they were always there.

Fourth of July Annuals


As an option, we can provide themed annuals and decorations for The Fourth of July.

As an option, we provide pumpkins, straw bales, mums, and assorted fall flowers to make your property shine.

Fall Cleanup & Leaf Removal

Every fall, we remove the leaves, prepare your plants and beds, and wrap up for winter.

Forestry & Tree Health 

As an option, we provide holiday lighting, decorations, and beautiful wintergreens.

Our snow removal team works 24/7 to keep your property clear.

Your property can receive a yearly visit by our ISA Certified arborist to properly care for your trees.


Ready to have the backyard of your dreams?

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