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Providing Snow Removal in Newport, RI

With a fleet of trucks, equipment, and the manpower necessary to accommodate the large storms we receive in New England, it's easy to see why businesses in Newport, Rhode Island choose Hanley to keep them protected when they need it most.

Hanley Landscaping Services operates with the upmost professionalism during storms. Our trucks are outfitted with dispatch systems and radios that operate even in the toughest environments. Each truck contains a driver, and a crew member to assist in shoveling the places where a truck cannot reach. During the storm most of our trucks are on commercial sites, however for our clients that need consistent removal we do have trucks operating. Unlike other companies, our trucks operate from the start to end of the storm.

Our trucks will travel all over the island, especially when multiple residential addresses are put together. Our trucks will travel even further for commercial sites. To learn more, call us at (401) 632-8578.

We're built for this.

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This 24/7 line is monitored both before and after the storm. Do not hesitate to call during the night.

(401) 632-8578

Hanley's Landscaping is proud to be on the list of vendors available to the federal government when disaster strikes. Hanley's Landscaping provides crews of dedicated shovelers & snowblowers combined with trucks, skid steers, and other construction equipment to our commercial and government sites. For high-risk sites, our field supervisors will capture photos of dyed ice melt and cleared spots every 30 minutes. We are fully insured with snow specific insurance and we're happy to show our certificate to prove it. 

Hanley's Landscaping provides our snow solution services 24/7, from before to after the storm. 

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