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Administrative Assistant

42 Russo Road, Portsmouth, RI, USA

Office - Full Time



About the Role

This season, we are seeking a part time canidate to support our adminstrative and field team in the office. The ideal canidate has some relevant experience in an office. 

Office Support: Our company is currently seeking a detail-oriented and proactive Administrative Assistant to undertake various office support responsibilities. This includes efficiently managing phone calls, handling correspondence (emails, letters, etc.), and ensuring the availability of necessary office supplies.

Scheduling: The successful candidate will be responsible for scheduling appointments, meetings, and coordinating calendars for our executives and team members. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are essential for this role.

Data Entry and Record Keeping: As our Administrative Assistant, you will play a crucial role in handling data entry tasks and maintaining well-organized records, databases, and filing systems to support the smooth functioning of our office.

Travel Arrangements: In this position, you may be involved in making travel arrangements for our employees, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation for out of state projects.

Meeting Coordination: The selected candidate will assist in organizing and coordinating meetings, preparing agendas, taking meeting minutes, and ensuring all necessary materials are readily available to facilitate productive and well-organized meetings.

Communication: Serving as a key point of contact, our Administrative Assistant will engage with executives, team members, and external parties. This role may also involve drafting and proofreading various communications to maintain a professional and effective flow of information.

Customer Service: Depending on the situation, our Administrative Assistant may interact with clients, customers, or visitors, representing our organization positively and professionally to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Project Support: In alignment with the needs of our organization, the Administrative Assistant may provide valuable support for specific projects, contributing to research, coordination, and follow-up activities to ensure project success.

Quality Control: Assisting field operations in ensuring that projects quality requirements are being met.


  • This position has a very flexible part time schedule. Canidates should be able to work 3 days per week for 6 hour shifts.

  • This position is from May 15th - September 15th. The position may be extended based on the needs of the company. If extended, canidate should be able to come in 24/7 to operate phones and coordinate with field supervisors during snow storms. 


  • Reliable Transportation (Vehicle Preffered) 

  • Ability to Meet Background Check Requirements for Security Clearance


  • Flexible Schedule

  • Employer Sponsored Education Opportunities

  • Sick Leave 

  • Overtime On Holidays & Sundays 

  • During snow storms, field operations provides a shuttle to and from the office for all employees that request it. 

Hanley Landscaping Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin or ancestry, political affiliation, physical or mental disability or veteran status in employment, recruitment or hiring decisions.

This job listing may not be fully complete, for a full list of responsibilites, requirements, and benefits please contact us at


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