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Annuals have the remarkable ability to infuse your property with a kaleidoscope of colors that surpass the vibrancy achievable through perennials alone, making your landscape truly shine.




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Annual Installations

Elevate your outdoor space with our expert annual installations at Hanley Landscaping Services. Our skilled team takes pride in transforming your property twice a year (three times for window boxes) – once in the vibrant hues of spring and then again in the rich tones of fall. In spring, witness a burst of breathtaking colors that bring your landscape to life, while fall installations not only feature the warm palette of the season but also include festive elements like pumpkins and straw bales for a touch of autumnal charm. For window boxes, we go the extra mile by offering wintergreens adorned with lights, adding a touch of magic to your outdoor decor.

But the transformation doesn't end there. At Hanley, we understand the importance of celebrating special occasions, which is why we offer holiday-themed installations. From patriotic Fourth of July displays to spooktacular Halloween setups, our seasonal installations bring the spirit of these holidays to your outdoor space, creating a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of each celebration. Choose Hanley Landscaping Services for a year-round outdoor experience that seamlessly blends beauty, festivity, and the changing seasons.

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