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Fertilizer Overview:

At Hanley, we elevate your lawn care experience with our fertilizer treatments, offering two distinctive approaches tailored to the nuanced needs of Aquidneck Island's lawns. Our first option is the result of years of expertise – our trusted standard fertilizer plan, meticulously fine-tuned to harmonize with the unique characteristics of regional lawns. This inclusive treatment encompasses grub prevention, fertilization, and weed prevention for an all-encompassing solution.


For those who seek a higher level of precision, our second option involves a fertilizer treatment customized to your property through a comprehensive lab analysis of your soil composition. By delving into the intricate details revealed by the analysis, we create a bespoke treatment plan that addresses your lawn's specific requirements. At Hanley, we bring the science of soil analysis to your lawn, ensuring that every application is a step closer to a perfectly nourished and thriving landscape.

Standard Treatment: Tested & True For Aquidneck Island

In our standard treatment, we provide up to five fertilizations, two applications of weed control, two treatments for grub control, and pest control applied as needed. This lawncare package not only ensures the health and vitality of your lawn but does so with ease. While we do provide customized treatments, many clients do not need soil tests and come back year after year for our refined fertilizer treatment program specifically designed for Aquidneck Island.

Customized Treatment: Soil Science For Your Property

Within our customized treatment, we go the extra mile by initiating a soil test, expertly analyzed by the Plant & Soil Science Department at UMASS Amherst. This in-depth analysis offers a detailed overview of deficiencies, enabling us to craft a targeted and precise treatment plan. At Hanley, we believe that understanding your soil is the first step towards achieving a vibrant and healthy lawn. Through this meticulous process, our customized treatment ensures that your lawn receives the specific nutrients it needs for optimal growth and resilience.

Lawn Fertilizer

We provide lawn fertilization in Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

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