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Find a landscaper near me in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Hanley Landscaping Services is located just off of West Main Road in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Visit us at 42 Russo Road, Portsmouth, RI 02871.

Find a landscaper in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Discover the pinnacle of landscaping excellence with Hanley Landscaping Services, your foremost destination for comprehensive landscaping solutions in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. At Hanley, we excel in crafting awe-inspiring outdoor sanctuaries through cutting-edge landscape design and meticulous construction techniques. Whether you harbor dreams of a verdant garden oasis or seek unmatched landscaping prowess nearby, our team is committed to creating your aspirations. With a wealth of experience, our seasoned team take pride in delivering unparalleled services customized to the distinctive landscapes of Portsmouth. From elevating the excellence of residential properties to providing adept maintenance for estates and businesses, Hanley Landscaping Services is as your steadfast ally in creating unbeatable landscapes.


Why choose Hanley?

Hanley Landscaping Services offers unmatched landscape solutions tailored to Portsmouth's unique coastal charm with our premier landscape services. The team at Hanley are experts in transforming outdoor spaces, specializing in creating harmonious landscapes that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, promising a picturesque haven for residential and commercial properties in Portsmouth.

With a wealth of experience, we recognize the distinct character of Portsmouth, encompassing its stunning beaches and never-ending coastal breeze.


Our expertise lies in selecting resilient landscape flora that endure the region's diverse climate, ensuring your yard remains vibrant through the harshest winters and scorching summers.

Crafting a cohesive outdoor retreat entails meticulous attention to detail, where each element harmonizes to form an exquisite oasis for you and your loved ones to relish throughout the year. Seeking a serene spot to unwind amidst nature's splendor? Envision a bespoke raised stone patio, meticulously designed to complement your surroundings.


Planning to host memorable gatherings? Our dedicated team has perfected the art of installing luxurious kitchens, captivating fire pits, and functional outdoor kitchens, elevating your outdoor entertainment experience.

Let's redefine your outdoor living by reaching out to our esteemed Portsmouth landscape company today. Benefit from our commitment to excellence with complimentary estimates on all projects!

Ready to create the backyard of your dreams?

Fill out our contact form and we'll reach out within one business day.

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