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Tews Court
Newport, Rhode Island

This property on Tews Court was built in 1900. It features a beautiful backyard with a sunken patio and raised bed. We are renewing these features with a redesign of the entire landscape and hardscape.
Project Description:

Welcome to our Tews Court Project! This property had overgrown weeds, dying shrubs and plants, failing edging, poor soil, and an outdated and severely cracked patio. Our team at Hanley stepped in to transform this space into a coastal woodlands oasis, creating a stunning landscape that will be a true oasis for the homeowners.

One of our first tasks was to create a new stamped concrete patio, providing a durable and visually appealing space for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. We also repaired the fencing, ensuring privacy and security for the homeowners.

In addition to the patio, we designed a whole new landscape for the backyard, following a coastal woodlands theme. This included removing old shrubs, some soil, and brick edging, and planting new Steeds Hollys in the front with metal edging to create a clean and polished look. Gravel paths are also being added to lead to the backyard, adding functionality, visual interest, and improved stormwater management. 

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Project Location: Tews Court, Newport, RI
Completion Date: Ongoing
Landscape Design:

Our backyard landscape design for the Tews Court Project is centered around creating a coastal woodlands oasis that is not only visually stunning but also healthy and sustainable for the long term. We carefully selected a variety of plants that are well-suited to the local climate, including Astilbe, Japanese Laurels, Coral Bells, Boxwoods, Ferns, Wild Ginger, and numerous varieties of Hosta.

To ensure the success of these plants, our team paid meticulous attention to the soil preparation. We adjusted the pH levels of the soil to create the optimal conditions for each plant species. This involved adding necessary amendments to balance the pH and create a fertile environment for healthy root development and growth.

In addition to soil preparation, we also implemented a tailored fertilization program for each plant species. Our horticulturists used their expertise to apply the appropriate type and amount of fertilizers to meet the specific nutrient requirements of each plant. This included using organic and slow-release fertilizers to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.

To add functionality and aesthetic appeal to the backyard, we created a gravel path that leads from the backyard to the patio. This not only provides a practical way to move around the space but also adds a charming touch to the coastal woodlands theme.

Our commitment to attention to detail and sustainable practices ensures that the backyard landscape at the Tews Court Project will thrive for years to come, providing a serene and beautiful oasis for the homeowners to enjoy.

Current Photos: (Backyard Project in Progress)
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